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Benefit from Common Purpose's learning programmes

Common Purpose runs experiential learning programmes which aim to give people the inspiration, knowledge and connections they need to lead real change - in the workplace and in the community.

"Of all the leadership programmes that I know of, those run by Common Purpose are by far the best, you only have to see the lasting effect on those who have participated in them to know that they work and work well."

Professor Charles Handy, Management writer and broadcaster

"I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. It was a truly mind opening, learning journey which has altered my views and opinions on certain things totally, and made me a more rounded individual. I have a more balanced understanding of problems/ issues/concerns, seeing things from others'  points of view. I've had the chance to meet and learn from people in organisations that I would never come across in normal life/ job. I have a greater understanding of my own leadership style and growing confidence in my ability to lead and effect change - both internally and externally. By working together collaboratively we can achieve a whole load more than we can ever do as individuals on their own."

Caroline Stuart, Business Development Director Scotland, Oracle Corporation

As a result, people who have been on a Common Purpose programme think bigger, network more effectively, challenge and stand out as leaders.

Andrew Leck, Head of ACCA Scotland, has participated on the programme during this year and is pleased to announce that Common Purpose will be running the programmes for ACCA members in Scotland as follows:

  • Aberdeen commencing November
  • mid-Scotland from January
  • Edinburgh and Glasgow starting in February. 
ACCA has agreed a 10% discount on programme fees for its members, and your time on the programme can count towards your annual CPD.

Learn more about the programme then call Scotland Director Connie Young on 0141 341 3355 to talk through whether this programme is right for you.
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