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New PAYE system explained

Glenn Collins, ACCA UK’s head of advisory services, and Brian Redford, head of the business engagement team at HMRC, discuss the introduction of the new late payment penalties for employers paying PAYE.

This podcast is one of a series from ACCA focusing on the key challenges that businesses are facing. You are welcome to share the link and discuss the contents of this podcast with your clients.

During this PAYE penalties podcast Glenn and Brian discuss:

  • The taxes that are included as part of the new system, who will be affected and the other changes that employers should be aware of.
  • The timeframe for introduction, how the penalty system will work and examples of the penalties for late payments.
  • The safeguards available for employers, HMRC’s definition of reasonable excuse and the process of penalty notification.
  • HMRC’s improvements to the coding process and top tips for employers on avoiding PAYE penalties.

The PAYE penalties podcast is available to download here.

Sound financial management podcast

As part of a series of podcasts from ACCA focusing on the key challenges that businesses are facing, this podcast sees three panellists talk about how SMEs can survive the current climate, while recognising that access to finance is a huge issue for SMEs and for the accountants representing them.

The contributors are:
  • John Davis, director of local business at Barclays  
  • Sara Harvey, director and business adviser at Hines Harvey Woods, a chartered certified practice  
  • Glenn Collins, ACCA UK's Head of Advisory Services
John Davis from Barclays offers the bank's perspective, and talks about small businesses and borrowing.

Sara Harvey explains how, as an accountant and business adviser, she provides guidance and support to clients so that they are ready to kick-start the economy. She also explains how small businesses can apply fundamental business principles to manage their finances as well as the different sources of finance available to them.

Glenn Collins comments on the current economic climate and provides an overview of the issues small businesses face, as well as practical, valuable advice.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio recording in different digital formats such as MP3, MP4 and WAV. There are different ways of accessing these files. You can listen to them live over the internet, also known as ‘streaming’. You can also download the files onto your computer to listen to at a later date or transfer them to an MP3 player. Finally you can subscribe to podcasts so that they are automatically downloaded onto your computer.
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