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ACCA launches a blueprint for sustainable recovery

The challenges facing the UK economy as the new coalition government begins its work are significant and require a bold, decisive response from the very beginning of the Parliament.

As we emerge from the financial crisis with an unprecedented deficit, we face also an onerous regulatory burden, pensions and tax systems in urgent need of reform, and a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector calling out for support. In the immediate future, policymakers must also broach the serious issues of financial sector governance and regulation, and mitigate the potential negative impact on public services of the efficiencies required to aid financial recovery.

In order to open our engagement with the new government and Scotland Office as it commences its work, ACCA’s technical and policy experts have produced a blueprint for a sustainable recovery which provides recommendations for policy-makers on key topics including:

  • the public sector
  • pensions
  • tax
  • sustainability
  • SMEs
  • regulation
  • education.

If implemented, these measures would, we believe, improve the UK economy’s performance and prospects over the long term in a sustainable fashion, both in terms of the environment but also for small and large businesses, for the public and private sectors and for other stakeholders affected by taxation and other legislation.

You can download a copy of the complete blueprint from our website.

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